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I am the biggest celebrity gossipmonger. I am up to date with everything going on. When MC and I owned a video store I would sometimes do 12-hour shifts bored out of my brain. It was then that I became addicted to gossip magazines. I knew what day each magazine dropped at the newsagent and bought them all. Now that I am house bound I am reading the mags again; mind you at a much slower rate.

To add to my magazine addiction I am watching all the entertainment news TV shows. I daydream often of all the fame and the potential fortune I could have possibly had. Most of us know the Celebrities that have been to rehab, with salacious tales of huge benders, car accidents, paparazzo photos. The celebs that cry mental illness to get out of jail time.

Then there are those celebrities that shine a light on being Bipolar and talking maintenance. How did I miss this? My physiotherapist said she saw a young actress on the news on Thursday morning (28 May 2015) talking about being Bipolar and being in recovery. Really, how did I miss this? What’s going on? I then roll over and over in my head who this could be and I keep coming back to the only young Bipolar actress that has been vocal about her bipolar; Demi Lovato. When I got home I hit the internet to find out who is this happy BPD person. And I was right. She hit up the Today Show to promote her collaboration with some big advocacy organisations in helping American adults with support in their mental health community. The catch phrase is “Be Vocal; Speak Up for Mental Health.”

It’s time to back it up a little and catch up with what we know about Demi. She is 23 this year and three years sober. She was a Disney kid; Disney kids before her, Britney, Lindsey, Miley and Selena. Some would say that was all she needed to be to put her on a destructive path. She was at 18 years old when her drinking, drugs, her eating disorder and cutting that finally she lost momentum and had the breakdown that sent her to rehab. She attacked a back up dancer and it went viral.

Whilst in rehab she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She has been one of the most vocal celebrities about her struggles on air. With the 5-minute clip on the Today Show she goes straight into her honesty since leaving rehab. She has said that by being honest she will reach a bigger audience. She said that her fans keep her accountable and inspire her to stay strong and sober.

Demi also shared that bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance in the brain and needs maintenance and that recovery is possible. I guess these were the words that rang true for me. Every day for me is different and I’m not fully “recovered”.   She is in the recording studio, which is part of the new label she has started with a Jonas Brother and her manager Phil McIntyre, called ‘Safe House Records’ and she closed the segment with a gee-up for the Be Vocal: Speak up website.

I am glad that there is a young woman out there using her celebrity to get word out that mental illness is everywhere. Years ago when I was struggling with myself and unable to ask for the help that I needed it may have been good to have someone like Demi using her platform to get the word out. You must appreciate how hard it is too, being a celebrity and sharing her illness, because there could have been tremendous backlash instead of embracement.

I’m still trying to put myself back together. With each depression I lose more of myself. At the present I am in a vicious cycle. Every evening I go to bed praying that I just stay sleeping because if I do wake in the morning I have the whole day of anxiety, sadness, guilt, regret, frustration, agony and the list is endless.

The government mental health system is not too helpful; I am having medication increments at a monthly pace, which just isn’t quick enough. Especially with ECT on the table I am terrified but I know it works.

I’m going to continue to follow Demi and I hope that she continues going from strength to strength and stays sane in her world.

See Demi Lovato open up about mental health, addiction and recovery on the today show here

Visit the Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health website here

.Sincerely Veronica
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