Community Disclaimer

Content warning: contents may contain blog posts which have been based on suicide, manic episodes, drug taking, sexual innuendo, sex, dark thoughts, theft, religion, occult, self-harm, sarcastic humour, alcohol and a bipolar minds rambling.

All of the treatments or medicines I talk about are only what I have used, or my opinion. I am in no way medically inclined to offer advice or suggestion on what will benefit you or someone you know and love. In this case you need to seek assistance from your GP or mental health support people.

I would love to hear from you, share experiences and continue the conversation following the blogs that I am posting.  Please however remember the other humans reading and leaving comments will likely have easily pushed buttons or fears, loneliness, desperation, or hopelessness and genuine feelings. So instead of exasperating the situation with cruel remarks; be kind.

I will not hesitate to remove or delete anything I would regard as detrimental to my blog or the good health of others and will do so with no questions asked.

About the images used on this website: I make every effort to use images that are either my own or copyright free from the internet.  If I inadvertently use an image from the internet which is not copyright free and you are the owner please email me to let me know and I will immediately discontinue using the image.

Sincerely Veronica