Defining Friendships

Defining my friendships


people who are aware of how retarded you are and still manage to be seen inpublic with you. people who make you laugh till you pee your pants. people who cry for you when one of your special items disappear. when you dont have enough money to get a ice cream, they chip in. knows all of your internet passwords. who would never make you cry just to be mean.

I think I have a lot of friends that would fit this perfectly.

by kimi smith May 26, 2006


a relationship between two individuals that share a mutual bond of trust and liking as well as commitment and personal feelings and experiences, which allows them to benefit from each other.

“A friend is one who walks in when others walk out” – a friendship quote

by KC November 29, 2005


Good Friend

Someone who doesn’t let you do stupid things….Alone.

Man he’s a good friend.

by Mike The Wigger Assassin500 February 04, 2008


true friend

A true friend is someone who has touched your heart and will stay there. Someone you care for, who cares for you. Someone you can do the stupidest things around and always be forgiven. Someone you’ll instantly remember in ten years because they are in your heart and not just your mind. They have the ability to change you, even if they don’t. They will be etched in your memories forever.

I was lost on a business trip, walking around near Chelsea, London when I suddenly saw someone I knew was who, but couldn’t remember. I hadn’t seen his face in ten years, but our eyes met, and without saying a word, he took me to his car and asked me where I was going.

Yesterday I realized how some people that I hung out with didn’t really care for me. We had common interests, had fun together, did stuff together, but I knew something was missing when they looked at me strangely after I started shouting “BOOM HEADSHOT! I could dance all day, I could dance all day, c’mon try and hit me, try and hit me! BOOM HEADSHOT” as we were playing Halo. They aren’t my true friends.

by blauenlanze January 05, 2007


Best Friend

Best Friends are very special people in your life. They are the first people you think about when you make plans. They are the first people you go to when you need someone to talk to. You will phone them up just to talk about nothing, or the most important things in your life. When you’re sad they will try their hardest to cheer you up. They give the best hugs in the world! They are the shoulder to cry on, because you know that they truly care about you. In most cases they would take a bullet for you, coz it would be too painful to watch you get hurt.

2 Girl best friends: They do all the girly things together, no one says anything.

2 Boy best friends: They do all the boy stuff together, no one says anything.

1 Boy + 1 Girl best friends: They do boy and girl stuff, People says lots of stuff

Look at Stu and Miss they are wicked best friends, he must fancy her coz boys and girls can’t just be best friends………. Will see.

Gun Man: I’m going to kill your best friend miss
Stu: No take me instead!

by SJ Rose August 18, 2005


(n) A friend that you can no longer reach whether they have a drug problem, an alcohol problem, or a relationship problem.

-Hey, Christine! How’s life treatin’ you? I’ve got an STD and I’m about to declare bankruptcy and I can’t drive downtown anymore because I’ve got a DUI. See you!

-Woah, dudes, she’s a lostfriend.

by Iwillnot January 21, 2010

family friend

A person whom your parents know, from that job they had back in the day, whom they’ve never quite been able to shake off. This person will continually reappear at social gatherings involving other family friends, who all seem to just orbit around the periphery of your parents’ lives for years and years, like a fly buzzing around your head that simply won’t die.

Despite the ever-repetitive “look how tall you’ve gotten!”s and “I haven’t seen you in ten years!”s from these strangers, you are required by unwritten social code to treat these people as if they were at least close enough to be a creepy uncle.

Mom: Our family friend Carl is coming to the barbecue on Saturday.
You: Who?
Mom: Oh you know, that guy I worked with 50 years ago, and we just happened to keep in touch. You’ve met him, he saw your birthing, remember?
You: …

by Flameow December 08, 2010

bad friend

a friend who ditches you for their girlfriend or boyfriend after 14 years of friendship.

you are a bad friend because you ditched me.

by illuminateureyes June 10, 2006


these are mostly Top Definitions from Urban Dictionary

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